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Next generation Nissan Leaf prototypes have been spotted often over the last year, but they were heavily camouflaged – making it hard to discern anything more than the overall shape of the new all-electric car.

But we now get our first good look at the actual design as the vehicle was apparently spotted during the filming of promotional content.

 The design of the current Leaf is generally considered unattractive and EV buyers have been hoping for the next generation to feature a significant design refresh in order to remedy the situation.

Previous sightings revealed a slightly bigger shape, sharper front, and Nissan’s signature V-motion front fascia, which got our hope up about the new version.

Now Norway TV2’s Broom got pictures from a reader who was staying in a hotel in Spain, where there have been several next-gen prototype sightings, and he saw the full design of the next-gen Leaf during what appears to be the filming promotional content in the streets.

That’s definitely the best look we have of the car ahead of the September launch of the next generation EV.

Over the past few months, Nissan has been gradually teasing images and features of the vehicle, most recently the ‘e-Pedal’ feature .

Electrek’s Take

It definitely looks like a significant improvement over the current version of the Leaf. They fixed the bug eye-like headlights and the front fascia is much shaper. Granted, the spy shots are probably not the most representative of the car, but it looks like a decent-looking hatchback.

Nissan could have nailed the design part of its next generation Leaf, but the other important upgrade that is expected with the new generation is range.

The recent prototype spotted showed a range of 165 miles (265km) on a single charge. That’s significantly below the 200+ miles of range expected for the new Leaf. We have been hearing rumors that the vehicle could first be offered with a 40 kWh battery pack in order to achieve the ~165 miles of range this year and next year, the vehicle would receive a new 60 kWh option in order to achieve over 200 miles.

It remains a rumor for the moment and we should know more by the unveiling in September.


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